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Include the name of each license, its accrediting agency, and the date of the license on each line Although most license numbers are public record, it’s still not a good idea to include them Episode 6 Band Of Brothers Summary on your resume. Create a subheading for the license detail on the resume, such as “Licenses and Certificates” or “Licenses.” Insert the license information under this heading. .Jul 08, 2007 · No! If you have one certification or license that’s required or relevant to the position, you can list it either next to your name or in the title as we showed you above. Don’t include any licenses that are expired, suspended or not relevant to the position Oct 25, 2017 · How to put Certifications and Licenses on a Resume. Give each license and its details its own line. If you have numerous certifications you want to list, those could be included at the bottom of your resume May 08, 2013 · I've always listed my license number(s) on my CV. They're public record anyway -- why not?? Do not ever put your license number on anything. Never let anyone make a copy of your license. Industrial Design Sample Resume

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When you get a job then is the time to show them your license and let them get the number so they can verify your license.. For the OP, I list them by the original date issued ("1984 - current," on the left margin, same format as I use to list everything else on my CV) and "License to practice as Registered Nurse in the state of (Ohio, Connecticut, whatever ), #123456".

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